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Lance Andersen

Mental Health Therapist

I am an LMSW licensed to practice in the state of Iowa. I graduated from Tulane University with my Master's in Social Work and Disaster Resilience Leadership, where I also focused on a certificate in Disaster and Collective Trauma. My undergraduate work was done at the Univ. of Iowa, where I majored in Psychology, French and International Studies. I have always been passionate about helping others and this took me to the field of disaster recovery, where I helped communities in the US and abroad recover from natural disasters. Various experiences have helped me build the confidence to take on any problem the physical world could present, then I went back to school to better understand the mental disorders that can develop in both disaster and 'normal' settings. I am a trained yoga instructor who enjoys encouraging flexibility on both mental and physical planes. I am enrolled for training with Trauma Center for Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), and am also trained in EMDR. While I do have a trauma focus and highly enjoy helping individuals recover from whatever storm life has presented, I also enjoy meeting adults, families and adolescents struggling with social, emotional and behavioral issues.

I would describe my approach to therapy as client-centered, strengths based, with positive psychology and mindfulness added in when appropriate. I believe therapy can be a collaborative and engaging process that should aim towards empowerment. I am dedicated to providing a space that is comfortable, non-judgemental and safe, so that an environment of openness and understanding can develop for therapy to take place. It is an honor and privilege to be invited to be an agent of positive change in the personal lives of clients.